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"Dave is THE best computer tech I have ever used!! He saved me from a nightmare problem (won't go into the drama or bash the other PC tech that was incompetent) in half the time of the other PC repair business and at half the cost. I'll never go anywhere else. He is high on integrity and kept his word on his timeline to complete the repair. He is simply the best!"
- Rebeca Randle

"When my computer has a problem, it feels a little like I've lost my right hand. Last week, when I got a dreaded error message (two days after the computer had supposedly been repaired by another company), I rushed it over to Ted. Even though it was a Saturday, he worked on it long past quitting time and called me on Sunday to provide another follow-up. Ted and Dave kept me informed every step of the way as they brought my beloved computer back to life.  I appreciate their honesty, integrity, and diligence in finding the root of the problem rather than supplying a cursory quick-fix cure.  Now I am confident my "right hand" will be working for a long time to come!"
- Dru P.

"I liked the whole experience from start to finish, but especially the direct contact with a local rep, his proactive attitude, the quick turn-time, and fair price. Dave at Computer Problem Solvers got my system back up and running in about 24 hours, proactively negotiated extra benefits from a dealer on my behalf, and helped me get back in touch with clients who rely on my real-time response. I would absolutely refer Dave to others. He is one of the most professional vendors I work with in general, and by far the best computer expert."
- Seth Chalnick, www.sethchalnick.com

"My computer's never run better since Dave worked on it. Too many people told me it was time to get a new laptop, that my hard drive was far too corrupted to be recovered at a reasonable cost. Well, Dave resurrected my laptop and did it for a reasonable price. I use my computer daily and extensively, both for work and at home and until I met Dave, I was about to buy a new one. I absolutely, 100% recommend Computer Problem Solvers to others. Without Dave's help, I was about to spend money on a new laptop, money that I didn't have. I've come to realize that a computer is like a car, it needs maintenance occasionally to stay in top form. Dave's my computer mechanic and I'm going back next time I need a tuneup!"
- Jared Zimmerman, USA Sevens Rugby Tournament, www.usasevens.com

"I am beyond happy, ecstatic!!!!! Dave responds quickly, even after hours, and always fixes the most complicated problem efficiently and economically He is also willing to advise on small problems and questions. I appreciate the freedom from worry, knowledge that CT is just a phone call away and that it will be fixed quickly and economically without having to buy a new system."
- Judy Granger

"Am I happy? Yes, absolutely, very much so!! I happened to find CT of Encinitas via a Google search - made the call and was immediately comforted by the professionalism, communication, listening and talking that Dave provided me. I appreciate the intelligence, guidance and support! Having someone to guide you through the process of both purchasing, transferring and troubleshooting, is great. I am a VERY HAPPY Customer!"
- Vita Rotchford, Vintage Recruiting, www.vintagerecruiting.com

"They let you know the time frame for results; they call you to advise you of changes in times or charges. They ask if you are OK with their recommendations. They get the job done effectively and efficiently and a reasonable price. The entire service package works quite well for me. The job gets done quickly; reasonably and with virtual certainty the issue has been resolved."
- James Shebl, PhD

"The service rendered by Dave is professional, timely and also he is an extremely pleasant person to work with. Good quality and determination to get to the root of the problem and resolve it properly. I certainly have less frustration and their service allows me to focus on my tasks and do my job more efficiently. We already have recommended Dave to others. Thanks for helping my son Brian when he called you and needed quick service."
- Bob Lotierzo, TransPacific Maritime Inc.

"No hassle, no hidden costs, just excellent service at a fair price by a true professional! Absolutely recommended! It is great to finally know where to turn when/if I have problems with my computer. Also, great to know that Computer Problem Solvers is there is install new software, wireless connections, etc..."
- Dixie Maroney

“Dave made himself available for my office emergency/IT problem with short notice.  Down time can be a big problem in this economy. He analyzed the problem and got me back up and running within an hour. This is the kind of service I depend on. I am not an IT person. Therefore, putting my problems in your capable hands allows me to stick with what I know and not get frustrated or overwhelmed with my lack of knowledge in this field.”
- Mike Clark, M.A.C. Design and Development

"They are very honest and part of the community. We like to support community businesses. I have fewer problems, increased productivity, less frustration."
- Johnny Camarena, The Helvetica Group

"I've used computers for years, but still have not completely joined the electronic age. So, when my computer started acting up recently, I called Dave. He arrived promptly, assessed the situation, and suggested that a new part and a day in his shop should fix the problem. He also suggested that I acquire a little back-up thing-a-ma-jig, to make sure I didn't lose all my files. The computer works beautifully, each noon I see it quickly back up the last day's work, and I couldn't be more pleased. I have already recommended you -- just a week or so ago, in fact. I know my friend will be as well served and therefore as pleased as I am."
- Anonymous

"I was very happy with services provided by Computer Problem Solvers. The diagnosis was prompt and I had my computer back within two days. What I liked most is the convenience of a local service and the friendliness of the personnel. My computer is for personal use only as I am retired. Since having Computer Problem Solvers fix my computer, I have had no problems with it."
- Anonymous

"We have a construction company that takes care of Home Owner Associations.  Our company is small, founded by me and as a result I have often found myself trying to take care of all of our computer needs.  As our company has expanded and networking issues have become more complex I have found myself more behind the ball in assessing the problems that arise with new software developments and hardware changes in the computer industry.  In the past I could figure out what the problems were by spending time on them and making the corrections.  As the years have gone by I have been trying to do the same but I have been finding myself more and more involved with the problems and losing valuable time.  And the problems never happen at a convenient time.  I had always wanted to find someone that I could rely upon to come into our office and fix our problems in an effective and efficient manner.   

With our recent computer and network change problems, Dave Wood from Computer Problem Solvers impressed me.  He arrived on time, listened calmly to our issues and immediately set into troubleshooting and fixing our problems.  Since then, we have had Tune-ups on computers that have come back much improved and have had Dave address other software and hardware issues.   I am sure he is going to have a very successful business and am glad that I am developing a great relationship with him.  Dave has become key to my business development plan."
- Mark Good, Owner, MCG Inc.

"Dave is able to pull together amazing results on both the marketing and technical fronts and relatively simultaneously.  I have seen numerous examples of his uncanny ability to pull a rabbit out of a hat and get both the rabbit and the hat to smile for the camera while he was doing it.  No challenge seems insurmountable when he is engaged on solving the problem."
- Jack Carden, Field Engineering Director, Aonix

“We’ve worked with Dave and his team on many projects, newsletters, special invitations, brochures, and pamphlets, requiring not only technical and design expertise, but also sensitivity to our sometimes unpredictable schedule requirements. We’ve always appreciated their fine attention to detail, thorough business expertise, and pleasant customer relationship.”
- Maryanne Bache, Director of Education and Outreach, San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy

“As a former small business owner, I know that computers are so important in the customer service experience.  On several occasions, Dave provided me with expert assistance to keep my store running smoothly.  Not only is he a technical whiz, but he provided challenging reflections on how to be a better businessman as well.   Watching Dave in his own small business showed me that when it comes to knowing what needs to be done, he not only talks the talk, but has walked the walk…and successfully.”
- Steve Goble, Former Owner, Rancho San Diego PostalAnnex+

"Dave is directed by a sense of integrity that is rarely seen in today’s business world. You can entrust your deadlines and your company’s confidential information into his hands and rest assured that he will get the work done and fully honor the privacy of your data. With an eye on your resources, he chooses the shortest route possible to achieve market objectives without burning out your workforce. Dave believes in working smarter, not just harder."
- Janice Hughes, CEO, Hughes Communications Inc.

"I have actively worked with Dave since 2006 and have enjoyed a successful and pleasant working relationship. Perhaps the most memorable experience was when the ad designed by Dave had our whole office buzzing with excitement. He had created a bright and very catchy ad that went into our publications as well as many other industry journals. The ad: a full grown pig with lipstick carefully applied next to a beautiful woman with the same color lipstick on, soon became the basis of their marketing collateral. Everyone knew about the "pig" company and from what I understand they received many requests for posters and other pig paraphernalia! As we are a publishing company, and we see new ads on a daily basis, I can honestly say that no ad generated as much excitement as this pig ad! The role of advertising is to have your company noticed, and Dave certainly achieved this goal with flying colors!"
- Lauren Truedeau, Advertising Director, RTC Group

"Dave is such a rare find in the business world these days: not only is he endowed with a seemingly endless array of skills, he's also about the hardest working guy we've come across. Working with Dave and the rest of his team is consistently one of the most productive and easy experiences we have simply because Dave makes it so. He has a real talent for seeing both the small and the big picture, and the skills necessary to navigate through both. I would recommend him without reservation to any business large or small."
- Josh Goldfaden, Executive Vice President, WebAha! Inc.

"I have known the Woods for 8 years. When they opened business in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, they immediately joined the Chamber of Commerce, the Friends of the Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library, began involving themselves in the community, and Dave served as a Director on the Chamber Board. Their business ethics are high caliber, their friendly personalities and warm smiles plus their pleasant employees, always made business enjoyable. The work that they have done for our organizations as well as personally for me is always high quality and ready on schedule and they made many generous donations of both time and work for community fund-raisers. I feel honored to know them."
- Irene Kratzer, Officer, Cardiff 101 / Chamber of Commerce, and Friends of the Cardiff Library, and Avon Representative