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La Costa Data Backup Services
La Costa Data Recovery Services

If you have never lost critical data, consider yourself lucky and living on borrowed time. For most of us, by far the greatest value in our computers is not the hardware and not the software, but the data. The hardware and software can be replaced easily at a modest cost, but data is very expensive to replace and often irreplaceable. This is true whether the lost data is comprised of priceless business records and files, or precious photos of your family. To help you to avoid the pain of lost data, we offer two types of services: La Costa data backup services and La Costa data recovery services.

The first and best solution to data loss is to not lose it in the first place, and this is where our La Costa data backup service comes into play. It may seem obvious, but you must back up your data to ensure against many catastrophic situations, such as theft, fire, or failed computer hardware. Computer hard drives are mechanical devices, and sooner or later they will fail, and as we know La Costa is prone to fires that can consume our homes, business, and data. And not even La Costa is immune to criminal activity and theft.

The most important aspect of data backup is for it to be simple, painless, and mindless. We all have better things to do at any given time than to worry about data backups, so the procedure must be automatic and dependable, so you can "set it and forget it". With our La Costa data backup services, we recommend a two or three-tier backup approach. In a two-tier approach, your data is backed up both to a local storage device and also to an online storage device. This approach ensures that your data is backed up in a cost effective way, but also that the most critical data will be safe from fire, floods, theft, and other local catastrophe. In a three-tier approach, a mirrored data device can be used to ensure minimal downtime for your critical computers - an issue important to many businesses.

However, if you don't have a backup and you are already experiencing a failing hard drive, that's when you need our La Costa data recovery service. We offer four different levels of data recovery depending on the severity of the damage that needs to be overcome, up to and including specialized "cleanroom" data recovery procedures that can come into play even in situations that may appear to be hopeless.

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