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Encinitas IT Service Contracts

Computer Problem Solvers specializes in making IT support predictable and cost effective for businesses. Encinitas IT Service Contracts make it possible for small businesses in Encinitas to get the help they need, when they need it, without being "nickeled and dimed".

Our Encinitas IT Service Contracts are called B.E.S.T. contracts (Business Enhanced Service Technology) are a revolutionary concept perfected by the combined efforts of the worldwide Computer Problem Solvers network of IT professionals.

A customer once remarked “I have to pay you every time my network goes down – how do  I know you’re really trying to solve my problems?”  

It’s a good question – most computer service companies make money when you have problems, so do they really have an incentive to keep problems from happening in the first place?  What would happen if we focused on preventing computer problems, instead of waiting for them to happen and then reacting? 
How would less computer “downtime” impact the productivity and stress levels of your business?  How would it feel to walk in the door on Monday morning and know that your computers were going to work? The B.E.S.T. program is designed to answer these questions.

Our Encinitas IT Service Contracts are not intended only for big businesses. In fact, they are specifically designed for small businesses and home based businesses, and we can configure your contract to be all-inclusive, pay-as-you-go, or any combination that makes the most sense for you.

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