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This video demonstrates an interesting example of how you can be infected by one of the thousands of "fake alert" malware infections that mimic legitimate antivirus software. One growing mode of attack is called "blackhat", and it works by exploiting search engine results to direct consumers to fake sites and trick them into clicking on what appears to be a video link, but is actually an infected software download link. Note in this video that the web site identified in the search listing has a strange web address, which should be the first red flag for you. The second red flag is when you click on the video play button, the link asks you to click on an executable download. If you miss those red flags and end up infecting your computer, the final red flag is that this fake software tries to get you to provide your credit card information in order for your computer to be "fixed". No legitimate antivirus software works this way, so your best bet at this point is to have your computer professionally cleaned up.


A charter member of the Consortium of Independent Computer Consultants network, we provide computer services to Encinitas, Carlsbad, Cardiff, Leucadia, La Costa, Olivenhain, and all North County San Diego. We specialize in computer services for small businesses including managed service plans, computer repair, laptop repair, computer purchasing and setup, marketing services, website design, graphic design and printing, custom applications, and hands-on training. We provide computer services for small businesses, home offices, and residential customers, on-site as needed, or with the convenience of drop off services at our facility in Village Park, Encinitas.

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